Welcome to Miami, Tommy!

Tommy recently found an internship in Miami, Florida via TechMeAbroad. He agreed to share a bit of his story with us.


I was in high school and not interested by what I was being taught: I wanted to learn IT. So I applied to IT schools but without a degree, they would not accept me. Except for the school 42!  During my first year I have to do an internship and thanks to TechMeAbroad, I found one in Miami!

I got a J-1 visa, and it was actually easy to do : Give some basic information, attend an interview at the U.S. embassy and that’s it! I got my visa in 2 weeks, it was super fast!

I have been there for a few days now. Life in Miami is awesome, sun, beach and my boss is sharing all the tips about the best spots in the city. It’s also an interesting city because many people speak Spanish, so I’m learning it!

Welcome to Miami Tommy!

Are you also looking for a job or an internship in the United States? Bon voyage!


Note: School 42 is an official partner of TechMeAbroad
Credit photo: Martin Pilát


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