TechMeAbroad helps Startup42 companies to recruit abroad


Today, TechMeAbroad and Startup42 – an accelerator helping early-stage technology startups – announce a partnership to help their companies recruiting talent abroad.

“Even though France is training fantastic engineers, we unfortunately don’t train enough of them and it become hard for companies to find talent they need. Thanks to TechMeAbroad, our startups will have access to thousands of candidates who are willing to move to France”, said Daniel Jarjoura, Startup42 Founder.

Until TechMeAbroad, French companies could not easily look abroad for talents that are missing in France. As the Tech industry is booming and the startup world is accelerating, this need will greatly increase in the next years. “We are urgently looking for a system engineer but are having hard times to find one” said Benjamin Laplane, Defab co-founder, a Startup42 company.

Paris seen 3rd most appealing city to work in

France is a country that have one of the best quality of life in the world: food, wine, health care, education, history, architecture… According to a recent study, Paris is ranked the 3rd most appealing city to work in behind London and NYC. “I know many talented american engineers who would love to work in France”, said Sylvain Kalache, co-founder of TechMeAbroad”.  He adds ”Yet French companies usually don’t think about this possibility, we are going to change that”.

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Sylvain Kalache

TechMeAbroad co-founder