How Rémi, a French citizen, found a job in the Silicon Valley

French Citizen San Francisco job

Tell us your story, what did you do before finding this job?

I just graduated from Epitech, a French Tech engineering university, and I decided to become self-employed. I signed a few contracts in France and decided to work while travelling around the world. When I arrived in San Francisco I fell in love with it and I decided to try to find a job there and come back as soon as possible. Thanks to TechMeAbroad I found a job in less than a week!

Were you actively looking for a job abroad? If so, what countries were you targeting?

Yes, I was looking for a job abroad, but I really was targeting companies/jobs with the best fit. At first I was targeting two countries, the U.S. and China. Two cities to be more specific : Shanghai and San Francisco. Shanghai because I lived there during a year and I really enjoyed it. San Francisco because during my stay in the USA I briefly visited and understood that’s where I wanted to be. I really wanted to find a Tech city to improve my skills.

What tools and websites were you using?

I was using Angel list but the main problem was that all of the company I was in contact with didn’t sponsor visas. TechMeAbroad really came at the perfect time for me and as far as I know, this is the only website listing only job offers that come with a visa.

How long did it take you to find this opportunity on TechMeAbroad?

It was very fast. Within a week I found a company which had both a great team and a product I wanted to work on, and after a few online meetings, we started to do the paperwork. I should move to the Silicon Valley and join the company within a few months.

What advice would you give to other jobseekers willing to move abroad?

Be sure to apply to job offers that match your skills, experience and what you want to do with your career. Work hard on sending an original and complete application. If you can, take the time to add all your professional social networks, such as GitHub or StackOverflow. It will help the company a lot to understand who you are and what your level is. The companies on TechMeAbroad are willing to help you with visa issues, and oftentimes relocation, so take it seriously. Good luck!


You can contact Rémi on Twitter

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In a global economy, Tech companies must recruit abroad

In a global economy, Tech companies must recruit abroad

In a global economy, where tech companies are building products for the world, it is nonsensical to only look locally for talents. Not only because depending on their location, they won’t be able to find certain types of talents, but having an international product often requires you to tweak certain aspects to address cultural or market differences.

Ensuring diversity in your team by recruiting abroad is a great way to tackle that issue, and many companies understood this. Some prominent leaders of the High Tech sector such as Dev Khare and Vijay Shekhar are seeing the trend.

Before TechMeAbroad, there was no place where Tech companies could easily find talents willing to move abroad. For candidates, finding a company that is recruiting abroad was also a nightmare. Today, that problem is gone and we are convinced that this trend will make the Tech industry and the life of many tech workers better.

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Get notified on new job postings


You are dreaming about working abroad and we want to make sure that you have all the tools to make this happen.  Starting now, you can now save your job search as an alert, and be notified as soon as new jobs you’ll like get posted!

Be on top of the game and go create your own personal alerts right now!


This paradisiacal islet picture above looks pretty amazing right? Thailand could be your next dream job destination! Check out our job openings in Thailand and be sure to set an alert for the criterias that fit you!

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How Impraise recruits tech talents

Even though TechMeAbroad has only been up for a little bit over a month, we are already hearing some interesting success stories from our users. A great case is Impraise, who has been successfully hiring talents via TechMeAbroad.

In recruitee’s blog, Arnaud Camus, Impraise’s co-founder, explains how they are managing and improving their recruiting process. Part of this, is done by tracking the sources of their applicants.  Apparently, we are helping him a lot!

“For interns, we mostly use DutchStartJobs, Heysuccess and TechMeAbroad

And the stats show it clearly, we are in top sources. 

I directly talked to Arnaud who confirmed that TechMeAbroad makes them competitive on the job market at a whole new level:

impaire y combinator

If you are looking for a Tech job within a cool Y Combinator startup in the Netherlands, Impraise is hiring!

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5 Fun Facts About Developers Around The World

StackOverflow recently released an amazing study that highlights some interesting facts about developers in the world.

Luxembourg is where there are the most devs per capita

It looks likes Luxembourg is a pretty sweet spot for developers, who knew? Well you are lucky, TechMeAbroad already has job offers that come with a visa for Luxembourg. Check them out!

Screenshot 2015-04-16 11.11.58



Javascript, king of programming languages

It is true that you can do pretty neat thing with it. Probably why it scored the first place in that ranking. It’s also one of the most requested skills on TechMeAbroad. SQL and Java are good competitors but still have quite a long way to catch up.

Screenshot 2015-04-16 11.13.26 (more…)

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Hello World!

Hello World!

The TechMeAbroad team is thrilled to be opening this blog! As we are expatriates ourselves, and have been helping a lot of tech people find their job abroad for the past few years, we’ve built up a lot of experience and knowledge around successful expatriations, and it’s with great pleasure that we will share it here with you!

Our first mission is to help jobseekers find the job of their dreams in the country of their dreams. We will make sure that you, jobseekers, are well-prepared to get your ideal job, by making sure that you know all the tips around international job hunting.

Our second mission is to help companies find the best talents abroad. Even if recruiting abroad is becoming usual for a lot of companies, for many other companies, it is a whole new world. We are aware that recruiting is already a complex and critical topic as it is, so we’ll help you go over the additional challenges easily.

Our third mission is to inform you, our users, about the state of the tech job market with a special attention to the expatriation matters. There is a lot to be said on the topic, as the war for talents in the tech industry is constantly growing in intensity. As technology is taking up more space in our world, the trend isn’t likely at all to change anytime soon.


Finally, we wanted to thank all of you for being part of the TechMeAbroad adventure, we got a lot of feedback during those first 3 weeks. Thank You! We are working around the clock to bring improvements, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our blog RSS feed to be updated about our latest features and blog posts.

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