Improving TechMeAbroad for you (June 2015)

On our quest to be the best way for you to recruit abroad or be recruited from abroad, we constantly update TechMeAbroad based on your feedback. Here’s some of the most meaningful stuff that we added for you lately.

For jobseekers

Read your own job applications

What jobs did you apply to again? Oh, and what was in those cover letters again?

It will all come back to you when you check out your new “My Job Applications” page.

My Job Applications

Write rich cover letters

We’ve found that most successful cover letters are customized for each company; recruiters love it when they can see that you didn’t just copy-paste for them.

So, we’re giving you the opportunity to dress (your cover letters) to impress, by turning them into rich texts rather than plain texts. Make good use of it, and write cover letters that rock!

How old is that listing?

You can now find out right under the job’s title, on the job post’s page!

Help us keep job posts international!

A recruiter is telling you that they don’t recruit from abroad, or don’t recruit at all? Then our posting might be outdated. Let us know through the dedicated link on each job post.

Still, be alerted

We were telling you about them earlier, and we’ve been delighted to find them to be wildly popular with our users. And rightfully so: you can now be notified immediately for every new job post that matches what you’re looking for, and be the first to apply!

You haven’t set any alert yet? Go do it right now, by hitting the “Alert me!” button on searches that are relevant to you.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.12.02 PM

For recruiters

Move to trash

We were told many times by recruiters that they wanted to archive away some job applications from their “Manage Jobs” dashboard, after they replied to the applicant. So, we added a system very similar to the “Move to Trash” feature you find on computer operating systems.

Basically, you can move the application away to a more discreet pile, and you can always put it back in your main pile later if you change your mind.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.18.59 PM

Notify specific e-mails for each job

For some companies, the person posting the job online, and the person (or people) reviewing the coming applications are not the same. For instance, you might be an international company and have openings for several countries, and you’d like the team of each country to review their own applicants.

You can now specify emails to notify upon new job applications on each separate job listing.

A special case for the EU

Although no visa sponsoring is needed for citizens of some EU countries (those in the so-called “Schengen area”, plus some others), we had an outcry of both recruiters and jobseekers interested in being connected with each other within those borders. If you post a job post for one of those countries, you will be given an extra option to specify if you are particularly interested in EU citizens.

Whether you are a jobseeker or a recruiter…

The only way for us to keep improving TechMeAbroad, and make it the perfect tool for you to recruit abroad, or find your dream job, is when nice people take the time to give us feedback. Let us know how we could make TechMeAbroad better!

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