How Rémi, a French citizen, found a job in the Silicon Valley

French Citizen San Francisco job

Tell us your story, what did you do before finding this job?

I just graduated from Epitech, a French Tech engineering university, and I decided to become self-employed. I signed a few contracts in France and decided to work while travelling around the world. When I arrived in San Francisco I fell in love with it and I decided to try to find a job there and come back as soon as possible. Thanks to TechMeAbroad I found a job in less than a week!

Were you actively looking for a job abroad? If so, what countries were you targeting?

Yes, I was looking for a job abroad, but I really was targeting companies/jobs with the best fit. At first I was targeting two countries, the U.S. and China. Two cities to be more specific : Shanghai and San Francisco. Shanghai because I lived there during a year and I really enjoyed it. San Francisco because during my stay in the USA I briefly visited and understood that’s where I wanted to be. I really wanted to find a Tech city to improve my skills.

What tools and websites were you using?

I was using Angel list but the main problem was that all of the company I was in contact with didn’t sponsor visas. TechMeAbroad really came at the perfect time for me and as far as I know, this is the only website listing only job offers that come with a visa.

How long did it take you to find this opportunity on TechMeAbroad?

It was very fast. Within a week I found a company which had both a great team and a product I wanted to work on, and after a few online meetings, we started to do the paperwork. I should move to the Silicon Valley and join the company within a few months.

What advice would you give to other jobseekers willing to move abroad?

Be sure to apply to job offers that match your skills, experience and what you want to do with your career. Work hard on sending an original and complete application. If you can, take the time to add all your professional social networks, such as GitHub or StackOverflow. It will help the company a lot to understand who you are and what your level is. The companies on TechMeAbroad are willing to help you with visa issues, and oftentimes relocation, so take it seriously. Good luck!


You can contact Rémi on Twitter

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Sylvain Kalache

TechMeAbroad co-founder

  • John Cornflakes

    Awesome story! But you didn’t mention where Remi got his job! Was it a big company?