How Impraise recruits tech talents

Even though TechMeAbroad has only been up for a little bit over a month, we are already hearing some interesting success stories from our users. A great case is Impraise, who has been successfully hiring talents via TechMeAbroad.

In recruitee’s blog, Arnaud Camus, Impraise’s co-founder, explains how they are managing and improving their recruiting process. Part of this, is done by tracking the sources of their applicants.  Apparently, we are helping him a lot!

“For interns, we mostly use DutchStartJobs, Heysuccess and TechMeAbroad

And the stats show it clearly, we are in top sources. 

I directly talked to Arnaud who confirmed that TechMeAbroad makes them competitive on the job market at a whole new level:

impaire y combinator

If you are looking for a Tech job within a cool Y Combinator startup in the Netherlands, Impraise is hiring!

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Sylvain Kalache

TechMeAbroad co-founder