Here are the top 10 countries expatriates in Tech want to go to

We have computed tens of thousands of applications and searches on TechMeAbroad in May to understand where talent in Tech dream to move to. As expected, the US remain the top destination, while France takes an unexpected and solid second place. What is not surprising though, is that China, with its massive startup scene, and its numerous Unicorns attract more and more Tech talent and scores #10. The Netherlands, #8, is also a top destination in Tech, as the country has done a lot to attract Tech talent in the recent months.

Here is the list of the top 10 countries TechMeAbroad users applied to and searched for in May.


What’s also interesting is that other countries, such as Spain, Italy and Sweden are usually top destinations expats want to go to, but when it comes to technology, these countries are not as attractive and they did not make it to the top 10 list.


What about you? Where would you like to relocate to work at a great tech startup abroad?

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  • Guillaume Gagnaire

    So, why i want to leave France to Canada ? 🙂

    • Julien Barbier

      I am interesting in reading your answer 🙂

      • Guillaume Gagnaire

        France administration kills a lot of good startups ideas, the fail is just considered as a fail … Not a good spirit when your are an entrepreneur ..

        And just a personal touch : I think I would live a better work life in Canada, there are so much things to create ! And … because bears and maple syrup. 🙂

        • tomsoft

          Guillaume, reality is not so black and white. France is probably on of the best country in the early stage, as there is a log of fincancial support from the government in the early stages (chomage for instance!). But it’s much more harder to grow due to a smaller market and difficulty to raise more money if you want to go international

          • Guillaume Gagnaire

            Chomage … Chomage … Now i can get it, but when i’ve created some companies, at 22, no previous paid job, then, I had … Nothing 😉

            And the help, like 0% loans, to refund in 6 months … Really risky imha

        • Guillaume Gagnaire

          But, obviously, France is not that bad, France is a good country 🙂

  • Koenig Romain

    It would be interesting to know where the expat are from, for example who wants the most to go in USA ? in France etc…

    • Julien Barbier

      That’s a good idea and certainly something we can do. We will try to compute this for the top countries next week. Thank you!

  • Aurélien Bocquet

    Thanks a lot Julien, that’s very interesting. Glad that France is attractive but surprised by this really good ranking. As Romain said, there may be some bias here with the sample. It would be nice if you could tell us where citizens of each country want to go the most.
    Nice job anyway 🙂

    • Julien Barbier

      Thanks Aurélien. I will work on it and try to publish something next week.

  • Gilles Pirio

    Interesting stuff. One question: do you think you think there is a risk of any selection bias in your study? Chances are that the respondents to your survey are not a fair representation of any population (hint: three of the comments below come from french expats..), invalidating the conclusion. Describing the way you computed the data would help build trust. Even better, making the anonymized raw data available (through an API or csv) would be awesome — would help follow trends in the months / years to come and create a real community. My two cents.

    • Julien Barbier

      Thanks Gilles. I will add more data next week. But I don’t think so.

      Those searches and applications came from 135 different countries. And French wanting to go abroad does not invalidate at all other nationalities wanting to go abroad too, including to France. The workforce in general is becoming more and more mobile, so it looks like normal to me.

      Americans also want to go abroad, even though other nationalities want to go to the US. Same for France and the other countries.

      I will try to gather data for the top three countries and give you an overview of the nationalities applying to those countries. Give me a week 🙂

  • Team Côte d’Azur

    Great news for France, at a time when the “French Tech” is getting organized and aims to conquer the world : ) Attracting talents is almost as important as “producing” ones.
    See what investors in Nice and Sophia Antipolis say about the importance of HR in their location decision:

    IT companies often come to Nice and Sophia Antipolis for the pool of HR available there, they bring new ones who are happy to find a great qualify of life, and then the only issues is that those staff don’t want to move out anymore… In many cases, they end up creating start-ups or spin offs !

  • Andy Ryan

    Are comments being censured? I have tried to share my thoughts twice, and both times someone/something is making them “Detected to be spam”…

  • Paul75

    I am absolutely not surprised to see France in 2nd position of this ranking.
    Indeed, all computer engineers from Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco …) want to work in France… and many of them get there thanks to french IT companies called “SSII” which compensate them cheaper than their French colleagues (this is an “open secret” in France…) !