TechMeAbroad goes to Asia by helping SUPINFO China

Logo SUPINFOSUPINFO China, the famous Computer Science School present in Beijing, Tianjin and Zhenjiang will collaborate with TechMeAbroad. SUPINFO is international-oriented, with 36 campuses around the world, and their students are expected to be just as international-minded.

“I am very happy and proud that Sylvain brings the TechMeAbroad platform to our students willing to work abroad. Sylvain studied in SUPINFO China and now is living in San Francisco, I hope more and more Chinese and French students can be open-minded as Sylvain, go out of their country and see a larger world” says Na Wang, SUPINFO China Branch Director.
SUPINFO China graduation ceremony

SUPINFO Beijing graduation ceremony


SUPINFO China is a partner to multiple Chinese universities such as Hebei University of TechnologyBeijing University of Technology and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, setting up student exchanges with Chinese and French students.

In this context, TechMeAbroad will help international students already on-site (in France or China) find a job or an internship that will sponsor the working visa, but also local students to find the opportunities overseas.

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TechMeAbroad helps Startup42 companies to recruit abroad


Today, TechMeAbroad and Startup42 – an accelerator helping early-stage technology startups – announce a partnership to help their companies recruiting talent abroad.

“Even though France is training fantastic engineers, we unfortunately don’t train enough of them and it become hard for companies to find talent they need. Thanks to TechMeAbroad, our startups will have access to thousands of candidates who are willing to move to France”, said Daniel Jarjoura, Startup42 Founder.

Until TechMeAbroad, French companies could not easily look abroad for talents that are missing in France. As the Tech industry is booming and the startup world is accelerating, this need will greatly increase in the next years. “We are urgently looking for a system engineer but are having hard times to find one” said Benjamin Laplane, Defab co-founder, a Startup42 company.

Paris seen 3rd most appealing city to work in

France is a country that have one of the best quality of life in the world: food, wine, health care, education, history, architecture… According to a recent study, Paris is ranked the 3rd most appealing city to work in behind London and NYC. “I know many talented american engineers who would love to work in France”, said Sylvain Kalache, co-founder of TechMeAbroad”.  He adds ”Yet French companies usually don’t think about this possibility, we are going to change that”.

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Looking for Java, iOS or C# developer?

If yes, we got your covered!

Indeed, these programming languages; Java, iOS and C# have been the most searched languages by our users within the past 2 weeks. It actually confirms the trend found by codeeval, except for iOS that took Python’s spot.

If you are a company looking for this type of developer and willing to recruit abroad, it seems that we have a lot of candidates looking for a position with this type of skill, so post your job offer right away, it’s free!

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TechMeAbroad extends its partnerships in Europe with Epitech


San Francisco, CA – Thursday May 7th. Today, TechMeAbroad and Epitech – the European Institute of Technology – announce a partnership to help Epitech students and alumni find internships and jobs abroad.

“Our students and alumni are actively looking for jobs abroad, and until we spoke with TechMeAbroad, we could not help them as much as we wanted. Thanks to TechMeAbroad, our students and alumni will have access to hundreds of tech job offers from companies sponsoring visas.” said Emmanuel Carli, Epitech Director.

Julien Barbier, the co-founder and CEO of TechMeAbroad, knows this problem very well. Eight years ago, the Epitech alumnus was looking for a job in the US and couldn’t find any company willing to hire him. “Since the time I graduated, my dream was to be part of a Silicon Valley startup. I remember sending dozens of emails to Silicon Valley companies. Out of 200 emails, I received only four answers and none of them were willing to sponsor a visa. Engineers all around the world are facing the same issue. Thanks to TechMeAbroad, we can now help them connect with companies across borders,” Julien said.

Epitech students and alumni will be able to access offers directly from their intranet and Epitech will also have a dedicated page on TechMeAbroad to facilitate the hiring of talents by their alumni. “We have hundreds of alumni all around the world and they are also hiring other Epitech alumni. TechMeAbroad will facilitate the connection between those international Epitech alumni and graduates.” said Emmanuel Carli, Epitech Director.

Earlier this week, another Epitech alumnus was talking about how he found a job in San Francisco within a week thanks to TechMeAbroad. “Through this partnership, we want to serve more graduates and make the process easier for Epitech alumni.” Said Sylvain Kalache, co-founder of TechMeAbroad


Learn more about Epitech

Epitech has solidified its reputation as a leading educational institution transforming a passion for computer science into expertise, opening doors to high-potential employment opportunities comparable to those enjoyed by graduates from the elite French Universities, also known as the “Grandes Ecoles” (96% employment rate after graduation). Business demands functional education based on the innovative Epitech model, which is built upon three qualities that are increasingly required in the workplace: adaptability, self-development and a sense of project management.

Epitech prepares students for the ever-evolving professional environment through unique learning methods

Read more :


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In a global economy, Tech companies must recruit abroad

In a global economy, Tech companies must recruit abroad

In a global economy, where tech companies are building products for the world, it is nonsensical to only look locally for talents. Not only because depending on their location, they won’t be able to find certain types of talents, but having an international product often requires you to tweak certain aspects to address cultural or market differences.

Ensuring diversity in your team by recruiting abroad is a great way to tackle that issue, and many companies understood this. Some prominent leaders of the High Tech sector such as Dev Khare and Vijay Shekhar are seeing the trend.

Before TechMeAbroad, there was no place where Tech companies could easily find talents willing to move abroad. For candidates, finding a company that is recruiting abroad was also a nightmare. Today, that problem is gone and we are convinced that this trend will make the Tech industry and the life of many tech workers better.

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5 Fun Facts About Developers Around The World

StackOverflow recently released an amazing study that highlights some interesting facts about developers in the world.

Luxembourg is where there are the most devs per capita

It looks likes Luxembourg is a pretty sweet spot for developers, who knew? Well you are lucky, TechMeAbroad already has job offers that come with a visa for Luxembourg. Check them out!

Screenshot 2015-04-16 11.11.58



Javascript, king of programming languages

It is true that you can do pretty neat thing with it. Probably why it scored the first place in that ranking. It’s also one of the most requested skills on TechMeAbroad. SQL and Java are good competitors but still have quite a long way to catch up.

Screenshot 2015-04-16 11.13.26 (more…)

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Hello World!

Hello World!

The TechMeAbroad team is thrilled to be opening this blog! As we are expatriates ourselves, and have been helping a lot of tech people find their job abroad for the past few years, we’ve built up a lot of experience and knowledge around successful expatriations, and it’s with great pleasure that we will share it here with you!

Our first mission is to help jobseekers find the job of their dreams in the country of their dreams. We will make sure that you, jobseekers, are well-prepared to get your ideal job, by making sure that you know all the tips around international job hunting.

Our second mission is to help companies find the best talents abroad. Even if recruiting abroad is becoming usual for a lot of companies, for many other companies, it is a whole new world. We are aware that recruiting is already a complex and critical topic as it is, so we’ll help you go over the additional challenges easily.

Our third mission is to inform you, our users, about the state of the tech job market with a special attention to the expatriation matters. There is a lot to be said on the topic, as the war for talents in the tech industry is constantly growing in intensity. As technology is taking up more space in our world, the trend isn’t likely at all to change anytime soon.


Finally, we wanted to thank all of you for being part of the TechMeAbroad adventure, we got a lot of feedback during those first 3 weeks. Thank You! We are working around the clock to bring improvements, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our blog RSS feed to be updated about our latest features and blog posts.

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