5 Fun Facts About Developers Around The World

StackOverflow recently released an amazing study that highlights some interesting facts about developers in the world.

Luxembourg is where there are the most devs per capita

It looks likes Luxembourg is a pretty sweet spot for developers, who knew? Well you are lucky, TechMeAbroad already has job offers that come with a visa for Luxembourg. Check them out!

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Javascript, king of programming languages

It is true that you can do pretty neat thing with it. Probably why it scored the first place in that ranking. It’s also one of the most requested skills on TechMeAbroad. SQL and Java are good competitors but still have quite a long way to catch up.

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Swift is sexy

Many developers say it: Apple is making it way more enjoyable to develop iPhone app. Well, looks like it’s true. If you too want to be part of the cool kids Swift developers, you might find your dream job here.

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Where most people produce code from coffee

Netherlands will be the place for the caffeine-friendly, and we have quite a few offers from there; but for the caffeine-lover, TechMeAbroad doesn’t have offers from Norway yet. Know someone in Norway who is hiring? Tell them to list their job offers on TechMeAbroad, before the coffee-soaked international engineers turn to water!

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Where you’ll buy most beers for your friends on nights out

Money you make feels best when you spend it. But where will you be able to spend it the most?

As it turns out, even though Ukraine’s average salary seems rather low when compared to the rest of the world, low cost of life still makes it the place where you’ll feel the richest!

Prepare for wealth, we already have quite a bunch of offers from tech jobs in Ukraine!

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If you were not sure where to go for your next job or what new technology to learn, well here is some pretty solid inspiration.

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Sylvain Kalache

TechMeAbroad co-founder